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[Transfer] in micro-Bo Tsai Kang-yung feeling I see the words

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 caller said: \cry, not because they do not love you sad, but because this moment, you suddenly wake up, they have become beggars of love. \
 If the parents love their children, just for kids to reproduce, to continue their blood, such love, so wild and full of feeling of the transaction. I can understand that some parents think so . I can understand,Men having sex, high consumption!, but I will not Haner with this wild and traded love ..... If you do not breed, mother does not love you .....( comments】 【gay entertainment new album title as self-conscious girl SHE, on the talks last night with the Tao Ching-ying, scale no contraindications. Tao Zi asked if the three gay children how to do that? Tao Zi said: \Way to go, my daughter over Man, dragons sense of the action occasionally shy. but in fact no need to worry, my heart open, happy most important, if they are really gay, I might ask you a happy sex life? \
 Two inside a cloud and dry, and love. Next to the other very cold rain, soon to fall anyway, why bother. But these two drop of rain, or to love. Soon the arrival of this day, clouds become rain drops have fallen. The drop of rain fall in love with these two, hugged, fall down, they are ready to fall to the ground, disappear, but disappear just before they drop into two drops. \
 You'll have better things to do: do not like is reading this microblogging? Immediately jump, read the. Do not like watching this episode? Turntable, to see anything else. SGX do not like this friend? Flash people, get to know others. Do not wave life, to endure these things do not have to endure. Bear finished, and the waves of life to complain or curse, so it does not pay out. You must have better things to do in the. \
 Some adults despise pleasures, sung, but please turn a blind eye to imagine: the pleasures of horse prairie walk, and the work load horse trailer, what kind of life more people aspire to do ? Do not rush to the first pressure on people with the meaning of life, philosophers pains and can not prove that it is more meaningful? Or more meaningful pleasures? Asked if the inner button eyes closed, it is unreasonable blindly blame pleasure, praised the work ah. \
 Do you think you miss him, has been to the extreme as it has been impossible to miss even more as a result, in one unexpected moment, you have success, more than original to the extent of his, and then miss him a little bit more. \
 \We \Similarly, we enjoy the friendship family, but no way, not the want to \To enjoy it, \\
 meet others acrimony, how is it done? If the students get along with each other is also my colleagues,Balance Running shoes, I suggest you can go back to ask, \talk about things, will also help calm you and your partner have more. Crazy boxing experience, first dodge out of the way, asks for a time, than a direct strike back, causing unnecessary infighting ... ... \
 Yes, it is a lot of people money to do bad things. But you have to hate is such a behavior, not hate money. Aversion to money, not necessarily is noble. Much like the martial arts in the martial arts, you can lean on it, can also be used to do a lot of good things. If you refuse the money, it just refused to martial arts, it is not impossible, but it may want to good: the bad event of Wu Gongjiang bully you, what is your response? \
 encountered some people than you, not from the groveling, unless he has put his ...... you ......... Usually someone, do not send it to his servility, so, so why bother? \
 do not rush feel that they fail, it is possible, you just have not found you will be successful only piece of territory. Gus Bada society, hate math, that learning math is trying to make money, it is shameful. If you are good at math, where some feel that they are failures. Replaced now, the arithmetic is as good advantage of the absolute. World is big, there are many definitions of success in the battlefield to find before you, do not easily say that they are losers.
 you're in love, just the people you love, and sometimes do not really exist. He may just be a wall of innocent white walls, by your enthusiasm, and put your heart to love the movie, all projected on him again. \
 temperament can pretend, can usually not pretend it away for a night; and a sense of humor can not disguise, can not pretend to a minute. So I value a sense of humor, far more than temperament. \
 forest is not cruel? Ill kill, but still good with animals. The universe is not cruel? Desolate no return, but still beautiful with the stars. Society is cruel, life and death, distributors must be well,cheap ghd hair, but it was still good. So I still brutal in good storage, such as dew on spider web storage, underground amber, I know that a stranger may not compassion, but if met, I cherish the store, because there to Japan. \
 you are very important because you are you can have the whole story. You there, the whole world to exist. You can see the sun, the whole world could only see the sun. You lose balance, the world out of balance. You disappear, the world will disappear. So very important to you, you are all that you can have. \
 When you talk to his ideas very different, but you want to convince him, you'd better not emphasize that this is \Let him feel that you are \The most effort to do so, because everyone, are not opposed to their own ideas. Such moves a bit cheap, the most suitable use of the following commit. \
 Why is the first to advocate it? Why should first be interpreted as an honor and meaning it? World is big, can do many things, why should only a few people will be advocating, would have been happy does not mean anything? Those first place, one day no longer have to face the first day. They had raised their first goal in life is everything you are, next to do? Do not blindly advocating the first. \
 Upper love, heart, the result seriously. So the fear of injury in love, it is retained. This means: the last person that hurt you bad, you get the most complete, and this time the development of the lover, get a very cool of you. I know you are protecting yourself, but if the business, you must down the shop. Off evil never again get the best services, and new customers come, but relatively isolated, how this shop down? \
 【I you, to you? 】 ......... Sentence, good can be, well sad, good can be, good can be.
 a lot of outstanding people, they stopped going to school, and (of their choice, or, want to go but did not get on), but these people stop learning, he immediately changed to a more general community schools to learn from people more powerful, your courage if it can also be the case. But please do not mistake these people are stopped early because of school, and become outstanding, which seems to think Napoleon was outstanding because of short stature, like ... ... \
 to do regarding each, it's best to pursue a goal of most care about, the rest can give, so the opportunity to achieve their goals was high. For example: do it, most care about is the learning experience, then do not care about money; do that, the most important thing is money, then do not care about the face. And so on. If you do matter, wants to learn the experience, but also make more money, but also have face ... ... so good thing, something to so ah. \
 S has been rumors of a small press, the people around her are of course, accompanied by reporters entangled two days. Anyway, this is part of our job. I spent the day at home writing, did not answer phone calls from reporters, only at night pass the message to reporters this: 【any people who really know the small S, are the small S when the baby, I never doubted it. 】
 not a happy time ... oh ... ah, not in happiness, but, unfortunately, is in the unfortunate, we have the opportunity to ascertain that they can love, to what extent ... ... \
 suddenly found to have a pen, often very surprised, do not know what happened. Although this time can also be pressed in every possible way, but the fear is inviting embarrassment it pressed. I suggested at the moment is: sit down and take a deep breath, close their eyes Looking back this love came, in fact, do not understand is how unreasonable. How to how to be so leisurely look back, perhaps to wake up the nature of love, after all this, then let go ... ... \
 because of one heart, and feel that they are alive, that I love, and get the most back. As for the side, to return to me how much, it can not be the most important. \
 You have to have him? Nice, but, what can you do with him? You can have his disease? You can have his scars? You can have his memory? Yeah ...... can not seem to, then, what can you do with him? \
 see people do well, but also Anshuang in mind, get a \But the real people out is the police who even do not, then tick the police themselves do not make the same amount. Only a person who is intended to have been in the audience, and those who tick the police themselves, is: one day to stand on the stage. \
 it all, the last is, therefore, the volume is: if not, do not. If not kiss, do not kiss. And, if it is true, then of course, do not, it must:. \