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a joint venture of the process.

更多 发布于:2011-01-26 05:07
Zheng Yuan Bao: is a responsibility. This responsibility and ideas, but there is a case, but not many. Our employment is a problem, a business bigger and stronger, to be family businesses out of the woods road to the scientific system of modern enterprise management improved, so as to take the way through.
 Moderator: People Electric Appliance Group, you establish a modern enterprise system in which specific work areas which are related to the work carried out?
 Shen Qing: Zheng Zonggang combination of people start talking about the development of electrical appliances, in fact, a very lively talk about the case, this case is, in the past is a boat, it may be suitable for sailing in the Yangtze River, but from Sichuan to Hubei Yichang Three Gorges to the time the river to wide, this vessel can expand, and then heading out to sea, it was perhaps from a boat into a cruiser, and finally to an aircraft carrier, different stages, different companies , is necessary to have different connotations, family enterprise, the first most important thing is control over the enterprise, the most important is the control, prevention and control assets, to prevent the swindling by others as small, only brothers and sisters business along with his wife and children, to the second stage, from a boat into a cruiser, when the captain this time began to be, to have the system, to have the first mate, to attract a lot of CEO, foreign operators, at that time To carry out shareholding reform, the people ten years ago to more than 50 electric companies quickly to win over all together, the joint-stock transformation, and formed a group,上海企业名录, this time began to build the ship, when the ship approached the Huangpu River, heading out to sea time, because the greater the Pacific, it needs more of this ship, to make an aircraft carrier class.
 Moderator: Cheng General Electric Group, you develop the people of the modern enterprise system is to carry forward the process of the advantages of the family system, just to avoid Shen said those shortcomings?
 Shen Qing: ownership structure is the second single, is a family-oriented capital, family capital of their own to do a one, do self-employed, small business is no problem, but to move towards large-scale, must have a capital bond, if no capital ties, the structure is certainly not appropriate.
 Moderator: Professor Sung, your economic management from the perspective of how to evaluate a set of Zheng from stock from the family system to the overall transformation of ideas?
 Shen Qing: The first is the start-up phase. Start of each stage is an inevitable stage in the development of enterprises, some enterprises may have to start ten years, some enterprises may be five years, some enterprises may be three years to complete, such as Niu Gensheng of Mengniu Group business is 6 years, Of course it is not a family business, he is the joint-stock companies started, the system determines that the enterprise can develop rapidly.
 Shen Qing: First, the quality of personnel management in general relatively low, especially small scale, artisanal quality of management is more often low.
 Shen Qing: the third, the more you engage in a stage of stock, once listed, when take the capital management, we must have open international cultural, maybe your stocks listed in Hong Kong , you have millions of Hong Kong and China is buying, you in the United States to the American international investors in the market, you in the future of the German market, South Korea market, there is such a problem, you have to open an international cultural So the connotation is to constantly add new content to the new elements to your company become more and more with international color, and direction of globalization, cultural identity, if the establishment of a good culture system, joint-stock Well established system, the establishment of social responsibility of entrepreneurs, with particular emphasis to achieve the ultimate goal of corporate social responsibility, because the bigger the enterprise, it is not your family, and not a man of you, the community is society, first of all to bear the business according to law, pay taxes of the responsibility, you have to take a lot of charity. Bill Gates, the world's largest, has announced that two-thirds of the property to be donated to charity in society do, as we took people's Electric has accumulated more than 7,000 million for charitable donations, the last in the Great Hall of the donation, that is, the Glorious Cause, that is, they do a lot of good things and good things,山东企业名录, this is corporate social responsibility, and ultimately to corporate citizenship, which is a complete enterprise system throughout the four stages of development.
 Shen Qing: The second stage is the stage of rapid development, this time to start shareholding reform, like the people of appliances, the first is the internal transformation, from a shareholder to form a dozen shareholders, and then form a group.
 Shen Qing: the third foreign entrepreneurs less, or less outside the managers, are one family, wife and kids are all brothers and sisters together business, many people do not want outside into such a company to go, so the lack of enterprise-wide marketing staff, managers, lack of R & D staff will lack, it is also a problem.
 Zheng Yuan Bao: Family Enterprise System is a group culture, is a personal culture. Family, culture, and just told Shen, progress over the enterprise. Supported by the culture into the enterprise management, can improve, attracting business managers into the modern enterprise management. Requirements of modern enterprise management is the separation of a number of financial rights quantitative management. Joint-stock enterprise restructuring from the family business, this is very difficult.
 Zheng Yuan Bao: People Electric in the past from the family business \We integrate this productivity, economy, technology, markets and information, an integration of these five resources after we break the disadvantages of family businesses, and a person, the demand for social responsibility is a problem, you can carry you to the social responsibility shared responsibility, not you personally to take social responsibility. Therefore, the restructuring of our family business is the integration of five major resources to enable enterprises bigger and stronger, this model of family business restructuring. Without this integration of resources for development is not always up. Not social responsibility, is a tax question,江苏企业名录, if you do not change, your spirit guide is not up, so a business management is a social responsibility, social mission of the problems, not to their own business to take in hand inside the dead alive.
 Shen Qing: the fourth, the radius of short sales of enterprises, often small-scale family enterprise, or the radius of enterprise product sales, the market is relatively small radius, these problems are taking a modern enterprise in the future the road system process, is to gradually understand, first of all fully aware of the shortage of family enterprise also, in the process step by step to solve these modern enterprise system and how the family enterprise in transition.
 Shen Qing: the next step to regulate the shareholding system reform and to do listed, it may be thousands of shareholders,安徽企业名录, even thousands of investors with his co-venture, joint development, what is stock? Stock is for you to absorb all the community resources used, and common development with you. This may still be our captain Zheng total, but the board already have professional managers, CEO, has also been thousands of investors to jointly promote the development of this ship, so the capital is the development of the propeller, the capital of the propeller aircraft carrier to be gathered in this People appliances like this boat, must have a system to ensure that the proceeds of other investors, if these systems can not be guaranteed, I put money into this ship, the results of the boss what they say goes, arbitrariness, and finally put into Therefore, we shall drive the many listed companies in China have become cash machines, among them the Sanjiu Group for such a problem, the investors raised 29 million, last more than 20 million have been put away, to do otherwise things, the interests of shareholders can not be guaranteed.
 Shen Qing: The third stage is the public of. The public of this stage, in strict accordance with the provisions of securities commissions,宁波企业名录, in accordance with the Listing Rules, for the joint-stock enterprise, just total Zheng told a very important factor is the culture of tolerance, when the first family culture, to put it bluntly a is the local culture, local culture, family characteristics and culture, you become a joint-stock company, joint venture and cooperation with you people, you must have an open and inclusive culture, cultural, open and inclusive culture to culture, the decision the others dare to work with you, a joint venture of the process.
 Shen Qing: So this is the need to establish a modern enterprise system. In addition to the modern enterprise system, stock management system, there are supervisors, as well as shareholders, board of supervisors, it is also the board of supervisors, as well as shareholders of Congress, as well as state securities commissions a wide range of monitoring, so each of us, entrepreneurs from the disorder in the past, when the guerrillas long, you can be very loose, but once into the regular army, Mao Zedong of the three disciplines, eight note, you need to restrict the development of standardization, only the development of standardization to bigger and bigger, so the family enterprise transition to a modern enterprise system is inevitable, which is a lot of private enterprises in China are facing a threshold. Step later, the sky may be a new, new world, a step not in the past, it may only be at a certain scale, even in the brutal competition in the market, many companies both safety and lower abdomen, lower abdomen may ease, may finally perished.
 Shen Qing: a modern enterprise system that constitute a complete system, especially the past few years, many private enterprises develop beyond a certain size has a profound understanding of the lack of family enterprise and disadvantages, so the move towards modern enterprise the road system in the process of doing some useful exploration, we must see that the private economy in the first stage, especially in the family system which will exist when the phase problem.
 Zheng Yuan Bao: family business, after all, a small number of joint-stock company is a modern enterprise, joint-stock and then clear up the future, such enterprises to go public road. We are now joint-stock or a small area, in the future take the road of the capital market, our shareholders, this system, so that the whole system, mechanism and system more perfected, more upgrade step, a more scientific and up, so that the enterprises out of the country.
 Moderator: You just said that the private economy is the economy gradually from the original specification developed roots, and you think the development from a small boat to a captain, a CEO, has a lot of investors When the big ship, to go through several stages which?
 Zheng Yuan Bao: Niu Gensheng family business is now done, they have their own corporate culture.